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Home Fragrance by Heather Anne

Occasions Range Wax Melt Bundle

Occasions Range Wax Melt Bundle

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Because there's more to gifting than the commercial holidays. For every moment big or small, or simply to tell someone they're loved. Offers a cost saving of £2.

You are Loved

What tells someone they are loved better than roses? Escape to a beautiful rose garden with You Are Loved.

Birthday Cake

A mouthwatering vanilla scent. Reminiscent of a decedent homemade victoria sponge cake with a rich, fluffy sponge and frosting.

Just for You

A firm favourite and best seller! Bergamot, cedar, iris & vanilla create a beautiful creamy, sultry scent.

Relax, Unwind

Relax and unwind with this blend of lavender and jasmine. Lavender is renowned for its relaxing effects and has been used for centuries to reduce anxiety and increase relaxation and calm.


Mark any celebratory moment with a celebration candle. Pop the cork on a bottle of pink fizz! 


Made using recycled (rPET) 86% recycled materials. The recycled packaging has been repurposed, thus reducing the amount of plastic waste ending up in landfills.  
Made with maximum fragrance and blended with sustainable soy wax. No artificial dyes or additives.
For scent descriptions, please see the Scent List.  
Wax melts can be used in wax melt burners. View the full range of wax melt burners here.
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