King's Food Bank - Weekly Donations

From now until the end of the year, 10% of profits will be donated to King's Food Bank.
I'll be dropping supplies off to them weekly 
King's Food Bank provides emergency food support to people in Kendal and surrounding areas. With the current spiraling cost of living, household budgets for those on low income are under immense pressure. 
King's Food Bank receive no public funding and are reliant solely on donations. Most of the team are unpaid volunteers.
Imagine working endlessly but still not being able to feed your family. Or facing redundancy and struggling to make ends meet.
For as little as 40p, you could purchase something on your next food shop to donate to the food banks. There's usually a donation point next to the checkouts in supermarkets.
I'm expecting the next few weeks to be the best I have ever had for my small business, and I am so grateful I can use it as a force for good.
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