Meet the Maker

Hello! A warm welcome to my website, I can't thank you enough for taking the time to stop by. I'm Heather, owner and creator of Heather Anne Home Fragrance.

I'm known for being an advocate for self-care (it's my passion) and love nothing more than a long walk in my hometown in the Lake District followed by a scented candle, a good book and a long hot bath.

Wild Boar Wedding

Wedding photos by the incredibly talented Tiree Dawson

Creating a range of beautifully fragranced, high-quality home fragrance products is immensely rewarding and something I am incredibly proud of.

Unique scents and affordable alternatives to designer brands.

2023 Female Business Awards – Product Business of the Year Finalist:


Thank you so much for all your support, I am over the moon to have been a finalist for Product Business of the Year 2023.

The Origins

A candle-making hobby born out of a necessity over six years ago to find something for me. It started almost as therapy for myself after being lost for so long.

I’d always loved candles but was constantly left feeling let down by expensive brands. I'd find their candles would tunnel regardless of how long they were lit or would quickly lose their smell. 

I never intended to sell. I spent a year researching and testing to ensure quality and safety before gifting to friends and family, who all wanted more. Unbelievably, I said I wasn't selling them, it was just something I did for me. It was my husband who encouraged me to turn my hobby into a business, clearly seeing something in me I couldn't then see in myself.

That was the foundations for Heather Anne Home Fragrance – a humble business and creative outlet that helped me rediscover that feeling you get from having a hobby you love. I believed in my products and my scents but never thought it would grow from a small kitchen hobby to the growing four figure local and international business it is today. 

My range of high-quality, eco-conscious, affordable, home fragrance items provide an uncapped income we really need. My hard work has helped us with some home improvements (including converting a spare room into a workshop!), cleared debt, trips away and got our life back on track.      

My marketing degree helped me with everything from social media and price pointing to building a website.  

Quality Natural Ingredients

I suffer from asthma which at times can leave me completely unable to breathe. Using natural ingredients is so important to me, for both my mental and physical health.

My candles are all hand poured with love and made using clean burning natural vegetable wax. The eco-friendly woodwicks crackle for a cosy atmosphere and burn much cleaner, with no mushrooming and very little carbon buildup, debris or sooting. The wood is sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified mills

The diffuser oils are made from a renewable source and are also eco-friendly with natural rattan reeds.


My inspiration comes from my surroundings. Walking and exploring my beautiful corner of the world always inspires my next fragrance. The ‘Alderney’ range was created after a fantastic holiday with my Dad. We returned to the island and took my range of ‘Alderney’ scented products to do a peaceful sunrise photoshoot, on the beach. One Instagram post later, I was approached by an Alderney shop and asked to create a full range of scents inspired by the island.   

I've been privileged to create unique pieces for memorable occasions including wedding favours, a bespoke scent 'Starry Night' exclusive to Kitridding Farm Shop and the honour of creating bespoke votive candles celebrating the Natland & Oxenholme WI centenary.

Scent with Love

Scents have a natural ability to whisk you away to another time and place, sometimes even evoking memories you never realised you had. It’s this approach that inspires my scents and what I feel makes me stand out to my customers. No gimmicks, glitter or dye, just a beautiful scent inspired by something or someone I love.  

The effort taken to do this singlehandedly alongside a full-time job is phenomenal, sometimes 120+ hour work weeks.  

I make everything by hand which I’m determined to continue. My heart and soul goes into everything I make. It’s hard work, but I love it.

I can now help, encourage and promote other local people starting out. Attending events, meeting new people, friends becoming customers, customers becoming friends, have all shaped me into who I am and encourage me to be the best version of myself. Without them, quite simply, I wouldn't be me.

It’s not just a business with a corporate name, but Heather Anne’s Home Fragrance – my home fragrance. In a lot of ways, my saviour.