Scent List

The Choice is Yours

My scent list is ever-growing, with new scents being added every season there's sure to be a scent for you.


Cool rock pools, refreshing seaweed and a fresh coastal breeze. Inspired by Heather’s trip to the beautiful Channel Island Alderney.
Daffodils are the heralds of Spring. Enjoy a sunny walk in the garden with golden daffodils.
Mango Sorbet
Ripe, juicy mango - a tropical and deliciously sweet scent. Smells mouthwatering! 
Peach & Grapefruit
A fruity, citrus blend of succulent peach, grapefruit and lemon. Deliciously fruity and tropical. 
Pear & Freesia
Crisp, fresh pears and beautifully scented freesias create a heavenly fresh scent. Perfect for Spring days.
Designer Inspired ~ Jo Malone 
Sage & Sea Salt
Walk across sea cliffs and windswept shores. Fresh sea salt with earthy sage.
Designer Inspired ~ Jo Malone  
Shea & Coconut
A beautiful mix of tropical coconut and creamy, shea. Smooth, creamy and fresh, perfect for spring and summer.  
Sicilian Lemon
Sit back, close your eyes and breathe in the sun-kissed Sicilian air. You're in the heart of Sicily where the lemons hang like golden lanterns. The zesty scent of the Lemon groves fill the air, the sunlight dances through the leaves.
Spring Meadow
I love going for long walks in the Spring, along the footpaths and across the fields. Blossom-filled hedgerows, open countryside, wildflower meadows, fresh air and stunning views.
Sweet Pea
A beautiful floral scent of the sun loving, colourful flowers.
Vanilla Lime
Zesty lime mixed with creamy vanilla and tonka bean. 


Because there's more to gifting than the commercial holidays. For every moment big or small, or simply to tell someone they're loved:

You are Loved
What tells someone they are loved better than roses? Escape to a beautiful rose garden with You Are Loved.

Birthday Cake
A mouthwatering vanilla scent. Reminiscent of a decedent homemade victoria sponge cake with a rich, fluffy sponge and frosting.

Just for You
A firm favourite and best seller! Bergamot, cedar, iris & vanilla create a beautiful creamy, sultry scent.

Relax, Unwind
Relax and unwind with this blend of lavender and jasmine. Lavender is renowned for its relaxing effects and has been used for centuries to reduce anxiety and increase relaxation and calm.

Mark any celebratory moment with a celebration candle. Pop the cork on a bottle of pink fizz!

In Loving Memory
A soft, fresh scent of forget me nots. A beautiful flower to commemorate the loved ones we've lost.

NEW ~ New Beginnings

Breezy eucalyptus and sea kelp with hints of sun-ripened oranges and jasmine petals. It’s time for new beginnings, a fresh start and new direction. Bringing hope and happiness for the future.



Jasmine flowers are grounded by woods and amber to create a strong, dark fragrance. Warm and sensual.
Designer Inspired ~ Mugler 

Atlantic Air
Grapefruit and lemon, rose, jasmine, coconut, peach, amber. Crisp and fresh, reminiscent of walks along the beach. Gives different top notes each time you smell it, like scents carried on a summer's breeze.

Black Pomegranate
Lightly smoked blend of Pomegranate, patchouli, cedarwood and Amber. Sophisticated, deep and sensual.
Designer Inspired ~ Jo Malone

Black Opium
Sultry and sensual blend of black coffee and vanilla. Warmed by white flowers, pink pepper, orange blossom, patchouli and cedarwood.
Designer Inspired ~ YSL
Cardamom & Mimosa
Golden Mimosa blend perfectly with the spiciness of freshly crushed cardamom.
Added creamy tonka and smooth sandalwood give a warm and ethereal scent. 
Designer Inspired ~ Jo Malone
Cedar Woodlands
Cedar woods, evergreens and soft, green moss. Reminiscent of walks in the woods amongst the trees, streams and wildlife. Fresh with a subtle hint of citrus
Cigar Lounge
Smooth & smokey warm tobacco tones. With notes of patchouli, bergamot, amber, citrus and rum. A masculine blend similar to a men's cologne.
Designer Inspired ~ Cire Trudon

Orange blossom, ginger and a twist of vanilla. Sweet, bold and bewitching. A timeless classic.
Designer Inspired ~ Jean Paul Gaultier

Notes of citrusy mandarins, rich jasmine and sweet orange blossom. A luxurious, oriental symphony based on the iconic designer.
Designer Inspired ~ Chanel

Coconut Bay
Creamy coconut with hints of almond, peach, pineapple and vanilla. A tropical cocktail of blue skies and golden shores, this will whisk you away on a dream holiday.
Currently being renamed "Coconut". New labels are being phased in as old stock runs out.
Cuban Tobacco & Oak
Vintage cologne notes, smokey woods and dark oaks with a hint of cognac, incense and warm spices.

Fresh, crisp and cool. Like wandering through a field of flowers in the sunshine.
Designer Inspired ~ Marc Jacobs
Fig & Cassis
Lusciously rich, fruity aroma of sun ripened figs from the Mediterranean. Blended with hints of raspberries, cassis and cedarwood.
Designer Inspired ~ Jo Malone

Fresh Cut Peonies
Heavenly floral fragrance based exactly on peony flowers in full summer bloom.
Currently being renamed "Peony Bouquet". New labels are being phased in as old stock runs out.
Fresh Linen
Inspired by the crisp, refreshing smell of freshly washed laundry. With hints of jasmine and lily.
Gwen's Garden
A harmonious sweet, floral scent. Step into Gwen's Garden ~ beautiful roses, lily of the valley (a tribute to her middle name Lillian), violets and honeysuckle.
So beautiful it could be bottled and worn as a perfume.
Requested by my sisters for our much loved and long missed Nana. Always loved, always missed.
Honey & Tobacco
A smooth blend of tobacco, amber, woods and sweetened by honey.
Designer Inspired ~ Tom Ford
Hot chocolate is one of my favourite things. It's the perfect way for me to relax after a long day at my day job and long evening despatching home fragrance orders and making stock. My husband has become somewhat of a mixologist over the years and loves creating new flavours when he makes me hot chocolate! Orange, hazelnut and a touch of Baileys is my personal favourite of his creations!
This scent is an ode to the hot chocolates he has made me. Rich, Belgian chocolate mixed with caramel, marshmallows and vanilla whipped cream.
Katherine Parr
Velvet robes, rose and jasmine scented waters. A beautiful deep blend of sandawood, jasmine, musk and a slight hint of pear. A tribute to Kendal Castle in Heather's home town, the Parr family home for four centuries.
Kendal Mint Cake
Heather's home town Kendal is renowned worldwide for it's sweet, sugary confectionary Kendal Mint Cake. A sweet and refreshing peppermint delight!
La Vie Est Belle
Pears, blackberries, sweet iris, orange blossom and jasmine create this iconic fragrance. Celebrate the beauty of life.
Designer Inspired ~ Lancôme

Lavender, Camomile & Vanilla
Soothing & relaxing without being overpowering. Perfect for a home spa day and relaxing evenings. 
Currently being renamed "Goodnight Sweetheart". New labels are being phased in as old stock runs out.

Lemongrass & Ginger
Lemongrass, spicy ginger root, patchouli, woods and vanilla. An exotic spicy sensation.

Lime, Basil & Mandarin
Zesty, juicy citrus mixed with soft patchouli and peppery leafy greens. An iconic, mouth-watering scent.
Designer Inspired ~ Jo Malone
Take a moonlight stroll and breathe in the fresh night air. Raspberry, black pepper, amber, white flowers and vetivert come together. Inspired by Heather's love of the moon
A fruity-floral combination with the subtle freshness of lychee fruit and the exquisite softness of peony petals. 
Myrrh & Tonka
Rich myrrh with warm almond and smooth vanilla notes of the tonka bean. Almost intoxicating.
Designer Inspired ~ Jo Malone 
Heather's scent for Cancer from her Zodiac range released with a standard label by popular request! Shelter from the summer sun in the Orangery. Zesty orange trees, tangerines and a hint of chilli for warmth. 
A light and sweet blend of orchids, lychee, kiwi fruits and jasmine petals
Rannerdale Knotts Bluebell
In spring the Rannerdale valley turns blue with a beautiful carpet of bluebells spreading across the hillside. A beautiful fresh, crisp fragrance of bluebells.
Designer Inspired ~ Jo Malone
Sherbet Lemon
Sharp, fizzy and strong – just like the sweet!
The perfect blend of tonka, vanilla and sandalwood, lifted with magnolia blossom and a hint of musk for depth.
Irresistible and perfect to feel as snug as a bug on those cosy days and nights at home.  
Home grown juicy strawberries and ripe pink rhubarb. Perfectly balanced - not too sweet, not too sharp.
I love the first day of Spring when the sun is out and the air is still crisp from Winter. You can shed the big Winter layers and head outdoors in a jumper. A fresh and uplifting blend of juniper berries, eucalyptus and morning dew.
Bring the luxury spa day scent to your home and enjoy some calm in the chaos of everyday life. Relaxing yet refreshing. Calming yet awakening
A warm alcoholic accord with notes of whisky and nuances of smooth velvety caramel. 

Aries - Zeus
21st March - 20th April. Pioneering, Fiery & Courageous.
Designer Inspired ~ Jo Malone Vanilla Anise

Taurus - Honeyed Woods
21st April - 21st May. Patient, Reliable & Determined.

Gemini - Casablanca
22nd May - 21st June. Adaptable, Inquisitive & Versatile.

Cancer - The Orangery
22nd June - 22nd July. Imaginative, Emotional & Loving.

Leo - Damson Rose
23rd July - 23rd August. Creative, Generous & Faithful.

Virgo - Hedgerow Berries
24th August - 22nd September. Meticulous, Modest & Practical. 

Libra - Peace & Harmony
23rd September - 23rd October. Diplomatic, Sociable & Balanced.

Scorpio - Nightstorm
24th October - 22nd November. Intuitive, Powerful & Magnetic.

Sagittarius - Exotic Fruits
23rd November - 21st December. Honest, Enthusiastic & Independent.

Capricorn - Coffee Mocha
22nd December - 20th January. Ambitious, Patient & Humorous.

Aquarius - Enigma
21st January - 18th February. Independent, Humanitarian & Loyal.

Pisces - Mermaid's Tail
19th February - 20th March. Selfless, Sensitive & Kind. Designer Inspired ~ The White Company 
Hogwarts Inspired House Pride Scents
Courage, Bravery, Chivalry. The Common Room Fire. Warm and spicy cinnamon, clove and orange with a woody base.
Wisdom, Wit & Learning. Old Library Books. An old library with leather bound books, that old loved book smell of musky pages and parchment with a hint of oak and woods.
Ambitious, Cunning & Determined. Cold, Frosty Morning. Notes of clove, crisp pine and the cold, sharp, smell of winter air.
Trustworthy, Loyalty & Patience. Warm, Comforting Caramel & Vanilla. Caramelised warm amber and buttery Madagascan vanilla pods.
The Alderney Collection, exclusive to Sew Much Fun Alderney:
Alderney Sunrise - tranquil dawn stroll by the sea. Sea shells & beach waves
Alderney Coastal Walks - Spectacular sea views, cliff paths, gorse 
Christmas on Alderney - An island Christmas 
Starry Night
I've created a bespoke scent, exclusive to Kitridding Farm Shop & Tea Rooms. Inspired by Claire's beautiful photography, Starry Night is an intoxicating and masculine blend of bergamot, patchouli, cedar, lemon, grapefruit and amber. Starry Night wax melts, candles & reed diffusers available only at Kitridding.

Heather Anne Home Fragrance is in no way affiliated with designer fragrance companies. Our scents simply smell similar to the perfume.